New-found sympathy/empathy . . .

I was dealing with pretty severe inner-ear inflammation for a couple of weeks, slowly getting better, and in the middle of that developed a macular hole (hole in the back of my eye from a piece of my retina breaking off) The inner ear thing made me dizzy as hell and have difficulty with balance and the eye thing started out with partial vision loss in one eye then floaters.  Month from hell.  For the balance thing, once able, you have to get out and resume normal activity as much as possible, in order to get your eyes/ears to compensate.  It's been about 6 weeks and I still have the occasional wobble, but otherwise I'm almost back to normal.  I went to a retinal specialist today to see if I needed eye surgery (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, NOOOO!!!) it should resolve itself as well.  Reading through their I literature came across the line "While we occasionally treat children, we ask that you not bring them along on your appointments"  A doctor's office full of people with varying levels of vision problems?  What could possibly go wrong? But oh how I wished the same was asked of other places, or at least an enforcement of no running, throwing or swinging things, pushing, shoving, fighting, climbing on shelves, etc. I'm usually pretty oblivious to the obnoxiousness of so many kids but damn if I don't have new-found empathy for anyone with a physical impairment trying to navigate public spaces.  Just going into a coffee shop gave me panic attacks, the way so many parents think it's cute to let their kids toddle around.  Of course if you trip over one and spill hot coffee on them there would be hell to pay.  Walking down an aisle at the grocery store I can't currently see if one is swinging something until I get smacked in the face or I might walk right into shoving match and get knocked over.  Zero tolerance for the bullshit anymore.

Hateful Kids

I think we now have a winner for the most obnoxious mommy blog of all time. Shockingly (not) it's headlined "I Taught My Daughter To Hate."

It chronicles how the mom has spent years teacher her daughter to be a total asshole and how proud she is of the monster she's created.

"Boo! Hiss!" That is what my daughter will yell out whenever we drive by a McDonald's or a Burger King. On occasion, she will also stick out her tongue at the massively popular fast food chains.... This isn't the only negative behavior she displays when faced with something she thinks is "like totally gross." When she sees a person smoking on the street she will not only give them the stink eye, but she covers her mouth in an attempt to not have a single particle of smoke reach her mouth or nose. It's pretty dramatic and usually leaves the smoker bewildered by her reaction."

Because, you know bothering total strangers on the street is exactly what little kids should be doing. And, boy does the mom think this is awesome.

This behavior totally warms my kale-eating, Greek yogurt-loving, grass-fed beef burger-grilling heart....

"Yes, this is all my doing. Since she was old enough to comprehend the English language, I have not-so-subtly taught her to have a disdain for certain things, so much so that you could call it a "hate." When we would see a Mickey D's commercial on TV, I would warn her of the dangers of fast food. When we would see someone smoking, I would bring up the dangers of cigarettes. These carefully crafted asides on my part really have sunk in, and now I don't have to give her any guidance to "hate" these things — she hates them all on her own."

She worries for a bit that teaching her children "hate" might not be the greatest thing in the world but then is like "fuck it, I'm glad she's a hateful snot."

"I will go on record that there are some behaviors or unhealthy things that are totally hate-worthy, like smoking. And it is our duty to guide our children to think negatively of those things."

Jul. 8th, 2014

Curious what everyone here thinks about the child immigration crisis in the US right now?


The asshole who left his kid to die in his car was reading childfree forums during the day.

Get ready for people to think we are monsters.

The cops can't even correctly explain what a childfree forum is: "They advocate not having any more children and adding to the biomass I guess is the best way they put it."

Truth except for the last one

Hobby Lobby Update

(AP) — Following Monday's controversial Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby cas, Domenico Cefalù, head of the well known New York based Gambino corporation, announced that his organization and its members have converted to a new religion.

"God came to me in the middle of the night," Cefalù told reporters. "He said that Jesus wants me to help people feel better. God explained that he created cocaine, gambling and prostitution in order to soothe the souls of broken people in this sin filled world."

Cefalù said the deity also told him that it was important for him and his associates to provide protection to local business owners in exchange for donations to their new faith.

"Who am I or the US government to question the word of God," Cefalù continued. "I am just a simple man trying to follow the true faith that has been revealed to my company."

It gets worse.

Congratulations, ladies.

The Supreme Court has officially decided that you no longer have any rights in this country (America). Your employer can now refuse you insurance that covers contraception based on his or her "religious" beliefs.

Oh, but it gets better, kids!

This basically opens the door to every and any other religious zealot to refuse ANY services based on the assholier-than-thou sacred cow of "religion" (oh, but let us not forget now, this is only for "Christian" religion! Muslims, Jews and others need not apply). In other words, I can tell you to take a hike and legally get away with it if you're any of the following: black, gay, Hispanic, Asian, atheist, female, pagan, lesbian, trans, LGBT-ally...basically anything that's not white, straight, male and "Christian."

Amurika, yeah! Don't ya just love it!?

(The following was brought to you by sarcasm and a hefty dose of the nearest alcoholic beverage. In all seriousness though, I say, if these goddamn fucking fake hypocritical bastards want a war on women, I say we give it to them.)

Way to go Anti-Vaxxers...

To add to the ever-growing list of examples that highlight the necessity of vaccination, a new study published in Pediatrics has demonstrated that the source of the 2011 outbreak of measles in Minnesota was an unvaccinated child that contracted the infection whilst visiting Kenya.

The 30-month-old child was born in the US but was of Somali descent, living within a Somali immigrant community in Minneapolis which has low rates of vaccination. The child presented some symptoms of disease upon returning to the US from Kenya but unfortunately passed the infection on to a member of the same household and three children in a day-care center prior to diagnosis.

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Would it be in bad taste to do an "I told you so" dance?
The Supreme Court just stabbed women in the back and gave pro-lying bullies a HUGE boost.

Watch for a spike in clinic terrorism. Because this has just flung the doors for that wide open. Thanks, assholes!

Goddamn all fucking pro-liars. Fuck them and their fetus-humping cult-worshipping insanity.

(Also, re: the post title? BP vests actually won't do much good now, because as one doctor said shortly after the murder of Dr. George Tiller by a pro-liar terrorist, "They [terrorists] know now to go for the head.")

But pets aren't children.... [update]

Update on my May 11th entry about my black lab.

So, 2 weeks ago, we had to take her for a sonogram. Unfortunately, the news was bad, and we learned that her liver had completely failed. On the bright side, the vet only game her a couple days, and she's still going mostly strong....
Until this morning.

She's still alert, still wagging her tail, and still reacting to our other dogs, and you can tell she wants to get outside to chase squirrels. At the same time, she doesn't want to move much. To make things worse, her nose bleeds rather easily because of the liver failure (a symptom to show up today), and that, coupled with the fluid build up in her chest and stomach are making it hard to breathe.

Sadly, we have decided that it is finally time for her to make her final vet visit. In 6 hours, her vet is scheduled to come to the house and let her peacefully part from this world. We're doing this at home for her sake, as well as for our other two dogs. For Puddin, we want it to be at home because she gets so stressed at the Clinic, and we want this to be as comfortable for her as we can make it. And for the other two, we want them to understand that she's gone, especially our little chihuahua who has looked up to Puddin, who has acted as her mother.

I just wanted to thank all of you for your well wishing in my previous entry, but I felt I should also update you on the status of my poor girl. Six is too young for any dog to part from life, especially a dog as sweet, and loving, and loyal as Puddin. She will be missed greatly.


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